Handmade card ideas to make Anniversary Card


Welcome to handmade cards ideas. In this page, you will find plenty of fun handmade card ideas, birthday cards, anniversary card, New year cards and other cards. Giving handmade cards to someone special in your life not only make them happy but also you. and definitely, blow their mind and is a thoughtful way to let them know that you are thinking about them and how special they are to you. At the end, your hard work and love in making card to your special one will worth it.

Today I am going to make handmade card ideas to make an anniversary card using less stuff like cards, color papers, decorative items which are easily available in any book stationeries nowadays, and scissor, marker, glue. You will learn how to make anniversary card on this page. I have described how to make it with simple step by step process below along with images so you can make this card easily by yourself.

anniversary card


anniversary card

  • Card
  • White paper
  • Sparkles pens
  • Scissor
  • Decorative stars
  • Quilling paper strips
  • Marker
  • Glue


Step 1:

anniversary card anniversary card

To make the anniversary card firstly take a red card to that card which is front open stick the white paper which is few mm less than that of the red card that is leaving the edges.

Step 2:

anniversary card  anniversary card

Now take quilling paper strips(these quilling paper strips are also available easily in the book stationeries nowadays). Quill them as shown in the video link below. Loosen the roll of the paper strip. Make two flower bud shape and stick them as shown in the heart shape. Make four to five hearts using the same method.

anniversary card anniversary card


Step 3:

Draw the curves on the top of the card horizontally and Stick the paper hearts on the card crisscross as shown in the image.

anniversary card anniversary card

Step 4:

Then draw the curvy lines joining the hearts to the tops horizontal curves as shown on the image on the top.

Step 5:

anniversary card

Now write the message on the card using sparkle pen. Use any of your favorite fonts to write the letters for the better look.

Step 6:

anniversary card

For this anniversary card stick the decorative stars as a final touch. And the simple yet beautiful anniversary card is ready to gift your loved ones.

You can also stick two more hearts adjusting the card for more look. And can also be gifted for other occasions.


You can also view the making video of the anniversary card below:

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