Handmade Cards Ideas To make Birthday Card

Welcome to handmade cards ideas. This is my second simple and sweet handmade birthday  card. Today, it has become an easy thing to send wishes to friends through mobiles, social media. And we got many gift stores to make an easy buy. But to make someone more special and feel more valued sending a handmade greeting card is the best way. Handmade greeting cards are something you put your effort on and show your love towards your loved one.

Giving a handmade card to someone will definitely blow their mind and in the end, your effort, time, hard work and love in making card to your special one will worth it.

So all the best!!!!!!!!


To make this card you need:

  • Scissor
  • Glitter pens
  • Glue
  • White and brown sheets
  • Pencil
  • Decorative stars


Handmade  birthday card Step 1:

Arrange all the stuff you need for the card. Scissor, glitter pens etc. listed above.

Handmade  birthday card Step 2:

Firstly take white and brown sheets. Fold the white sheet to the exactly half of it like a greeting card. Then cut the brown sheet half a cm less than that of the white card.

Handmade  birthday card Step 3:

Stick the brown card on the white card as shown in the image. Then write your wishes on the top right of the card.

Handmade  birthday card Step 4:

Now take a white sheet make some love shaped symbols with the pencil on it.

Handmade  birthday card Step 5:

Then cut the love shaped drawings using a scissor.

Handmade  birthday card Step 6:


handmade birthday card

Now stick the love shaped papers to the card as shown in the image.

Handmade  birthday card Step 7:

Highlight the wishes with the suitable glitter pen (I have used silver colored glitter) and decorate with the stars on the right side vertically which is optional.

And the card is ready. you can also use different colors instead of browns like red blue or any of your favorite colors.

Extra decoration(optional)

Handmade Cards Ideas  Simple Birthday Card:

you can also view making procedure of birthday card below:

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