How to make Handmade Love you Card


Welcome to handmade cards ideas. Today, it has become an easy thing to send wishes to friends through mobiles, social media. And we got many gift stores to make an easy buy. But to make someone more special and feel more valued sending a handmade greeting card is the best way. Handmade love you card is something you put your effort on and show your love towards your loved one.

Giving handmade quilling card to someone will definitely blow their mind and in the end, your effort, time, hard work and love in making card to your special one will worth it.

Today I am going to teach you, handmade ‘love you’ card easy method. You will learn how to make ‘love you’ card with simple steps. I have described step by step easy instructions to make this card by yourself easily.

handmade love you card

To make this card you need:

  • Brown card
  • Color papers(white,red)
  • decorative stickers
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Glitter pen
  • Quilling color paper strip


Love you card Step 1:

Arrange all the stuff listed above to make this card.

handmade love you card

Love you card Step 2:

Take a brown card to make a greeting card. Then take a white sheet. Cut the white sheet 1cm less than that of the brown card and stick it on the brown card in the middle.

Love you card Step 3:

Now take a quilling strip and attach it as shown in the image. Attach the strips on the four sides. You can use any color of your choice to make the card look great.

handmade love you card

Love you card Step 4:

Take a red color sheet and draw love symbol using a pencil. Cut the symbol using a scissor. And attach the lovely hearts as shown in the image.

handmade love you card

Love you card Step 5:

You can now decorate your card with decorative stickers which are available in the stationery. I have used few stars. If you want you can also add more stars or any other decorative stickers of your choice.

handmade love you card

Love you card Step 6:

Now, the last part is to write a sweet message. Write “love you” on the card with the glitter pen.

handmade love you card

Now the card is ready. You can give this handmade sweet card to your loved one. It may be your best friend or a family member. Impress them with this DIY card.

You can also view the video of the card below:


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