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Welcome to handmade cards ideas. In this page, you will find plenty of fun handmade card ideas, making thank you card, birthday cards, new year cards and other cards. Giving handmade cards to someone special in your life not only make them happy but also you. Giving handmade cards to someone, definitely, blow their mind and is a thoughtful way to let them know that you are thinking about them and how special they are to you. At the end, your hard work and love in making thank you card to your special one will worth it.

Today I am going to make handmade card ideas to make “Thank you” card using less stuff like cards, color papers, decorative items which are easily available in any book stationeries nowadays, and scissor, blade, glue. You will learn, making thank you card with handmade card ideas. I have described how to make it with simple step by step process below along with images so you can make this card easily by yourself.

making thank you card

Required stuff for making thank you card:

making thank you card

  1. color papers
  2. card
  3. scissor
  4. pencil
  5. blade
  6. glue
  7. marker
  8. pencil
  9. decorative item
  10. scale


Making thank you card Step 1:

For making thank you card take a red card. Draw a line with a pencil using a scale as shown in the figure. And cut the drawn part as shown.

making thank you card making thank you card

Step 2:

Fold the card which has been cut as shown in the figure from inside. Then it will look like the image shown below. (you can also view the video in the below link)

making thank you card making thank you card

Step 3:

Now take a white sheet and cut a half cm leaving the edges of the square folded part on the card. Decorate the card paper with the color tape as shown and glue it to the folded part of the card.

making thank you card making thank you card

Step 4:

To decorate the card, take a decorative item and stick it to the card as shown which is shown(step 5 image) below in the image.


Step 5:

On the black sheet draw the inside arrow like shape in the rectangular size and cut it, then take blue color paper and draw the same leaving some space on the edges. And glue the blue one on the black one. Then write the message.

making thank you card

Step 6:

Cut the white paper for inside right side part of the card leaving some space on the edges, Shown in the image below. If you attach the white paper inside the outer part of the card looks good.

making thank you card making thank you card

Making thank you card is done with simple step by step instructions.


You can also view the video of making thank you card below:


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